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Teacher Training

The teacher training courses in Qatar is a whole course that imparts the techniques, systems, and processes needed to educate kids at Pre-Primary, Primary, Montessori, and Nursery schools.

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Teacher Training Courses in Qatar

Why Teacher Training Course?

If you are one who wants to put your best foot forward in the pre, primary, or elementary teaching profession, then you are in the right place. Our teacher training courses in Qatar is an intensive course provided at Ferrand training center to get you a sense of pedagogical methods to fulfill the challenges of the ever-changing world of pre and primary education. Pre and Primary teachers are in demand around the globe. By taking our globally accepted teacher training courses in Qatar, you’ll have the ability to move forward to your profession as a teacher anywhere in the world.

teacher training courses in Qatar

In this 21st century, the primary teachers will have to cultivate a range of other skills like creativity, sensibility to support the learning and development of all children through innovative methods. Primary and pre-primary teachers have to focus on developing basic alphabetical and counting skills and also to develop kids’ skills in music and arts. They also have to take care of the essential health, safety, and well-being of the kids and the necessary physical development skills.

Want to inspire kids to achieve more? The teaching profession is a rewarding and exciting career where no two days are the same.
Duties and tasks
  • Making sure the kids are safe
  • Fairly and impartially mediating any conflicts happening within the classroom.
  • Identifying, planning and engaging the kids in any learning or fun activities for their brain development
  • Possessing high responsibility for the kids left in their care.
  • Assisting and supporting families and the surrounding community when required.

The teacher training courses in Qatar is a whole course that imparts the techniques, systems, and processes needed to educate kids at Pre-Primary, Primary, Montessori, and Nursery schools. The training puts particular focus on Child Psychology that a teacher must know while teaching teaches kids of that age. Therefore, primary and pre-primary teachers’ training is an entire course that allows one to develop into a versatile teacher.

The focus of this Teacher Training Courses in Qatar:
  • The teacher training courses in Qatar train the teachers to teach both in the pre-school, elementary, and primary, levels.

  • The teacher training course will focus on all the subjects required at pre as well and a primary level covering the age of two to twelve years

  • Teachers will be taught on child behavior and psychology.

The training program emphasis molding aspiring teachers into global educators by making them expertise with the latest student-centered methods and approaches to building a strong impact on kids aged 2-12.

Skills Required:

  • Strong interpersonal skills

  • Great sense of humor.

  • Good communication skills

  • To be able to keep calm even under any pressure.

  • High intelligence

You will find considerable job opportunities as primary or pre-primary teachers on completion of the teacher training courses in Qatar from our training center. With the rapid growth of nursery and primary schools in Qatar, there is also a considerable demand for certified pre and primary teachers. We at Ferrand will provide you the foundation in the methodologies of pre and primary teaching, which will open you numerous job opportunities. The training program will help you to make yourself competent enough to start your career as primary or pre-primary teachers, pre-school teachers, or nursery teachers. The program might be beneficial for those who work as a curriculum developer for the particular age group, class coordinator, teaching assistant.

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  • Child Care Worker
  • Kindergarten Teacher
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  • Pre-Primary School Teacher
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Curriculum – Teacher training courses in Qatar
  • Aspiring teachers who would like to start their career as Early Childhood Teachers.
  • Current teachers who would like to upgrade the knowledge to modern guidlines
  • Mothers who want to educate thier childern at home.
  • Career changers who are looking for a shift in their career to the teaching profession.
  • Entrepreneurs in educational businesses make it easy to identify the right people and the right strategies.

Curriculum – Teacher training courses in Qatar

  • Principles and Approaches to Early Childhood Education
  • Characteristics of Young Learners
  • Lesson Planning and Instructional Strategies
  • Classroom Management
  • Educational Psychology
  • Resource Management
  • Evaluation