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Office Administration

Earn the skills necessary to administrate and manage an office or business through our Administration and secretarial courses in Qatar

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15 Hours / Level

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Office Administration Course

Office Administration

The Office Administration Course at Ferrand Training Center will prepare you for the most exciting and challenging career as an Office Administrator, Executive PA, or Corporate Secretary. Irrespective of the industry and types of businesses, the roles of office administrator in the success of a company is invaluable. You have to be a special kind of individual to be a great office administrator- and we will help you to be.

office administration course

Whether you are new to the career, already working as an office administrator, or looking for a career change, our office administration courses in Qatar will prepare you to be more productive in your career. If you look at job ads in the newspaper or any job sites, you can see that the positions like Company Secretary, Executive PA, and office manager jobs are highly advertised and most wanted jobs in nowadays. The specialty of this job is, it will open new doors for you to any industry.

Our Office administration courses in Qatar will develop in you an organized and assertive approach for managing processes and people in your workplace.

This strategy will, in turn, facilitate harmoniously and improve productivity in your responsibilities. You will be taught the essential management skills and planning techniques to make the information flow more accessible and productive and achieve your work objectives.

Ferrand’s office administration courses in Qatar are well suited for working professionals in the secretarial, front office, human resource, or administration services. Even though you may already be working in similar industries or positions, getting formal training will help you with a competitive edge over others.

Course Objective:
  • Understand the roles and responsibilities of an office administrator
  • Improve your administrative skills
  • Identify the sources and managing stress by applying some techniques within the office.
  • Be aware of various techniques while dealing with management tasks
  • Gain better job satisfaction in your career.
  • Improve effectiveness and efficiency in your tasks.
  • Handle telephone calls professionally.
  • Managing office relationships.
  • Make effective verbal and written communication communications within the team.
Why should you take an office administration course?

What distinguishes exceptional office administrators from the rest? Our office administrative courses in Qatar empower you with detailed and essentials practical skills that allow you to excel at your office. In this training program, you will learn the most effective practices, like how to be a better communicator and how to improve your writing practices. The training also focusses on how to provide expectational internal and external customer services and how it will impact your profession. You will also have the opportunity to be aware of the consequences of stress at office and methods to turn your stress to an advantage.

Course Methodology:

This office administrative course utilizes interactive group and individual exercises, role plays, and discussions. Inter-group talks to discuss working experiences are also an essential component in the process. New skills are introduced and revisited at regular intervals in the training program to ease reinforcement and also to help participants recall them. The course also uses several self-evaluation exercises to pinpoint areas of strengths and enhancements along with action planning to ensure the practical implementation of their learning objectives.

Target Audience:
  • Administrators
  • Assistants
  • Executive secretaries
  • Existing or prospective office managers
  • Senior administrators
  • Supervisors of junior level employees
Target Competencies:
  • Self-development
  • Interpersonal communication
  • Business writing
  • Customer focus
  • Self-management
  • Time management
  • Meeting management
  • Telephone handling
Course Outline:
  • Organizational Skills (Understanding the Organization – Organizational Structure – Vision, Mission, and Values – Team Management – Customer Service)
  • Business Communication (Body Language – Active Listening – Cross-Cultural Communication)
  • Interpersonal Skills (Personality Development – Negotiation Skills – Time Management – Stress Management –Self-Motivation)
  • Business Etiquette
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Travel Arrangements, Events and Meeting Management
  • Business Correspondence
  • File and Stock Management
  • Basic Accounting
  • Computer Skills
  • Leadership and Human Resource Management Skills