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Spoken Arabic

The foundation that you need to start communicating in Standard Arabic while being in any Arab-speaking country. This course is going to boost your Arabic Skills.

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15 Hours / Level

QAR 380 / Level

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Learn Arabic in Qatar

Arabic Course Doha

Do you want to learn Arabic in Qatar in a relaxed and cost-effective manner? Are you one dreaming of communicating comfortably with Arabic speakers for your personal and professional needs? Are you looking for some ways on how to learn the Arabic Language?

learn arabic in qatar

If so, you are in the right place. Ferrand’s Arabic course Doha is designed in a way that you will acquire all the necessary and essential tools. The Arabic course modules are arranged in a way to make the learning process smooth without getting lost in mid of the course or get frustrated. This training will enable you to speak with any kind of Arabic Speakers. We are teaching you standard Arabic, which is understood by all Arabic dialect speakers in all parts of the Middle East.

Arabic is essential for communication within the middle east countries. It is mandatory for business agreements, formal contracts to public relation campaigns. This is how non-natives can benefit from learning to speak Arabic in Qatar.

What you will learn?
  • To speak standard Arabic understood most Arab countries.
  • How to introduce yourself and communicate with Arabic Speaking peoples.
  • Practise and improve your pronunciation
  • Improve your Arabic Writing Skills.
  • Improve your listening, writing and grammar skills.

Ferrand Training Center is an established training centre that offers comprehensive language training and communication courses to individuals and organizations. We aim to help our trainees to sharpen their communication skills and make them efficient to use it for their business or career. Our Arabic classes in Qatar offers courses for beginners and those who want to take up advanced levels.

Ferrand’s Spoken Arabic Course Doha is for the professionals who are absolute beginners or intermediates who would like to brush up their skills. The training program, how to learn Arabic in Qatar, will give the ability to learn Arabic smoothly and efficiently. The whole training program is delivered at various levels. The level 1 track is suitable for beginners. In level 2, you will have training in grammar and vocabulary. You will be able to make perfect sentences with no grammar mistakes. There will be exercises where you will be speaking on random topics and creating conversations. We will make sure that you will be able to move forward and communicate smoothly while you learn Arabic in Qatar with us.

The course focuses on Qatari Dialect Arabic and will cover

  • Key Arabic phrases,
  • How to ask basic questions also to answer them.
  • How to make a sentence in Spoken Arabic
  • Essential culture understanding.
  • Vocabulary, Grammar, Conversation

Instead of too much focus on boring and confusing grammatical rules, this spoken Arabic training teaches you how to start using practical phrases and expressions from Day 1 directly. Student interactions I what makes the trainees engaged and interested. The course is filled with many exercises and activities to keep you engaged, involved and on your way towards Arabic proficiency. You need not know beforehand how to read Arabic characters, and the course is made for both Arabic readers and non-readers!

Move ahead and take a look at the course outline and feel free to contact us for any concern or queries.

  • No need for any prior knowledge in the Arabic Language.
  • A commitment to learn
Who this course is for:
  • Absolute beginners who would like to learn spoken Arabic.
  • Marketing professionals who want to meet Arabic Clients.
  • Those who want to brush up their Arabic language.

Course Outline

  • Key Arabic Phrases
  • Essential Arabic Vocabulary
  • Arabic for communication in the city
  • Basic Arabic Questions
  • Types of sentences
  • Simple Arabic sentences
  • Learn the Arabic Alphabet
  • Correct pronunciation and common mistakes
  • Tips on Learning Arabic