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Interior Design Course

We will assist you in turning your creativity, concepts, and ideas into beautiful designs with our training program

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15 Hours / Level

QAR 380 / Level

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Interior Design Course

Why Interior Design Course?

Interior design skill requirements are extremely rinsing nowadays. Today’s modern world has begun using visual appeal to make the most of it and get profits in their business. This scenario has generated high career projections for interior design professionals. Skilled professionals with inbuilt knowledge, creativity, and proficiency will shine in this profession. To help to create that potentials, Ferrand Training Center is providing the best interior design course in Qatar for interested professionals.

interior design course

Interior Design is a creative and lively topic. As soon as you tap into your creativity, you might explore to go even beyond. We provide numerous interior design courses that are globally recognized, and that will train you to perform as a Professional Interior Designer.

Do you know? Unlike other training centers, where you might need to pay huge amount, at Ferrand you can pay level wise as you go.

The interior design course is designed to find your potential as an Interior designer. The candidate will have an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of interior design along while working on a project. With our interior design training in Qatar, you will develop your design skills and of planning and putting together design strategies. Our interior design course will enable each student to complete the required eligibility with a diverse project, which will, in turn, acts as their portfolio.

How the Interior Design Course is Structured?

The interior design course will be set on developing your practical abilities as the instructor guide the students through the design process. Students are going to learn 3D thinking, mood boards, sample boards, and producing scale drawings to plan an interior place. The interior design course’s practical approach will prepare students for a long run in the design career and develop them with some vital insights into the realities of the interior design world. New design concepts and techniques will be taught during the training program.

The training course is designed in a practical hands-on approach, with attendees being exposed to several projects to practice what they learned during the program. By the end of the interior design training, students will have already started to develop different skills making them able to read technical drawings and design for the requirements.

Who is the Interior Design Course for?
  • Any student or professional with a passion for Interior Design, interested in getting some introduction to it.
  • Those who want to accomplish their designer dream career in interior designing and do not know where to begin

  • Those interior design professionals who would like to upskill their knowledge with the latest trends.

  • Business professionals to have an understanding of interior design workflow.

Course Requirements:
  • No specific academic requirement is required to start with interior design.

  • We have different tracks for beginners, intermediates, and advanced.

Why Ferrand for Interior Design Training in Qatar?

We will assist you in turning your creativity, concepts, and ideas into beautiful designs with our training program. Our ideologies and methodologies will provide you the ideal support for mastering the interior design skills quickly. It will help to build creativity within you, which in turn helps you to design for different kinds of projects like villas, hotels, public places, office spaces, and more. Candidates getting trained from our expert trainers are surely going to make their skills and career standout from others.

Expert professionals create our training syllabus at Ferrand. We have designed our interior design course in such a manner that any student of any skill level will easily capture it. We help students to comprehend the principles of building construction, materials, and pricing, analysis for the designed area using a perceptive of its current market principles. Our trainees are readily capable of designing and distributing interiors providing significance to artistic value and space managing.

What will you learn by the end of the Interior Design Training Track?

  • Understanding of fundamentals of interior design

  • Get to know concept inspiration styles, the process of interior design layout.

  • Capability to both read and develop floorplan, elevations, and section drawings.

  • The wise use of common materials, appropriate color schemes, and commonly used patters for main styles.

  • Discover your interior design style personality

  • Mixing different styles with confidence

Syllabus & Curriculam

  • Interior Design Process

  • Interior Design Styles

  • Home Interior Spaces – Basic Rooms and Spaces

  • Home Interior Spaces – Optional Rooms & Spaces

  • Home Interior Spaces – House Extension

  • Home Designing & Decorating – Basic Design

  • Home Designing & Decorating – Extended Design

  • Interior Design Basic Knowledge

  • Designer Tools

  • Design Elements & Principles

  • Inspiration & Design Concept

  • Colour Theme

  • Material Collection

  • Interior Design Advanced Knowledge

  • Plan – Elevation – Section Principles

  • Measuring Principles

  • How to Read Floorplans

  • Technical Drawing

  • Technical Drawing Definition

  • Oblique Drawing

  • Isometric Drawing

  • Perspective Drawing Principles

  • Vanishing Point Perspective Drawing

  • Floorplan – Elevation Drawing

  • Floorplan – Section Drawing

  • Sketch Drawing Principles

  • CAD Basic Use

  • Photoshop Basic Use

  • Understanding more about CAD

  • 3Ds Max Basic Use