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German Language Course

Speaking German is a precious advantage in today’s competitive world. It is not just in Germany; people use the German language, but also in other European countries

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German Language Course in Qatar

Why Learning German?

Do you currently have some great reasons to learn the German language? Would you like to communicate with your team or to travel to Germany on your summer break or to get prepared to study or work in a German-speaking country? Just in case you still have any doubts and require the Last push to take the plunge, here are a few more reasons why studying German be a fantastic choice for you:

german language course in qatar
  • The German language is the most widely spoken in Europe.
  • The German language is the third most popular taught worldwide as a foreign language, and the second most popular Europe & Japan
  • Germany has got the third strongest economy and is the number one export country in the globe. So, learning the German language will bring you many business opportunities.
  • One out of ten books published in the planet is in German. Munich is the second in the world in the number of books published.
  • German-speaking nations possess a rich cultural heritage. Germany is frequently known as the land of poets and thinkers.
  • German-speaking nations are the world of classical music. (Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Strauss, and Wagner, to mention a few. Vienna remains a global center of music in the world today.
German isn’t quite as tricky might think. If you already familiar with English, then you already have an edge when it comes to learning the German language. Both languages share many similarities in both grammar and vocabulary.

For Culture: Germany’s cultural contribution to the world was enormous. Only a few nations can complete against Germany when it comes to intellectual contributions. Without any second thought, we can assure you that learning German will improve your life in all the ways; maybe it is your exposure or understanding of its rich cultural heritage.

For Study: Able to understand and communicate in the German language can help you to expand your opportunities in Germany, Switzerland, or Australia.

For Profession: For professionals, learning German will open a vast employment opportunity, mostly in Mechanical Engineering Industry.

With our German language course in Qatar, you will make rapid growth in learning the language and broadening your communication and intercultural competencies.

In our German language course in Qatar, you acquire fundamental communication skills. You can understand and use familiar everyday expressions and vital phrases aimed at meeting immediate requirements in any German-speaking country in the world. The focus is on introducing yourself to other people, greetings, and farewells in addition to talking about your personal information, preferences, shopping, and describing people and things. It is possible to interact easily. Besides, you will also acquire fundamental grammar and tenses. Germany is a country of perfectionists, and the German language is fascinating. It has a reputation of being a little hard to learn, but at Ferrand, we make your German Language Course in Qatar and easy and exciting.

Course Content:

Our Beginners level German Language course in Qatar focus on fundamental topics like self-introduction, greeting, thanking, talking about family and profession. By improving your vocabulary, you can also understand some more everyday words. More advanced classes will build on your current} knowledge to be able to maximize your ability to communicate efficiently. The focus of these classes is to develop your conversational language skills by enhancing fluency, developing a better familiarity with grammar, rules, and by expanding the range of one’s vocabulary.

Our Approach and Methodology

The training clearly defines the communication goals of listening, speaking in a conversation without any interruption, writing, and reading, the foundation on your skill levels, Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced User. The level classification is to assist you in measuring your progress in all your learning phases. It clarifies what knowledge you need to learn to have the ability to communicate, together with the skills you need to acquire to become an efficient speaker.

  • Beginner: Limited knowledge
  • Intermediate: Variable knowledge
  • Advanced: Sound and excellent knowledge
Why Learn the German Language Course in Qatar from Ferrand?

The expats in Qatar are a mix of Arabs, Asians, Europeans, and Americans. Many of them don’t know the German language, and our institute provides training which can help you become proficient in them. We offer specific lessons to company executives, students, IT professionals, and entrepreneurs. It is going to support you in job opportunities in foreign companies. We have highly skilled teachers who will assist you with grammar and pronunciation.