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Executive Secretarial

The best part of an executive secretary position is their success will have a direct effect on their manager’s success

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Executive Secretarial Course

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Executive secretaries of today hold an essential position of influence and are to have a powerful connection with senior management. Our executive secretarial course will build the right competence for our students to perform in the position. The best part of an executive secretary position is their success will have a direct effect on their manager’s success. If you are currently in a similar job, you already hold some set of capabilities. Our executive secretarial course will supplement your current competencies along with asset of some highly desired skills which will excel you in that position.

executive secretarial course

Throughout the executive secretarial course, you will come across different ways you can empower yourself, improve your self-confidence, and forward-thinking, making you a priceless asset for the management team. You will undergo training on string emotional intelligence strategies that you can immediately apply to your organization. In addition to that, you will take part in detailed talks on the significance of building a system and having a systematic thinking approach. You will also participate in negotiation exercises with other participants, which will help you to plan and lead real negotiation with the supplier in your workplace. By the end, you will be able to come up with action plans that will enhance your professional image and the image of your team and business.

Get trained to develop the essential skills to help you to be the best you can be in your Executive Secretarial role.
Course Objective:

By the end of the executive secretarial course, our trainees will be able to

  • Support the stakeholders to enhance the success of the company.
  • Foster the business relationship by applying emotional intelligence.
  • Design and present business cases to their respective managers.
  • Increase productivity by building and maintaining different organizational systems.
  • Negotiate to generate win-win outcomes.
  • Enhance personal, departmental, and organizational image.

Additionally, the techniques, and tools which you gain will help you achieve your own personal} development goals and build your credibility, while helping you to support your company successfully.

The executive secretary is a highly interactive training which uses several group and individual activities. Each attendee will have the opportunity to perform a presentation and be engaged in planning and executing negotiations with your colleagues.

You’ll always be engaged in practical group and individual activities that will let you instantly test and implement your learning. Besides, the usage of self-assessment tests will allow you to find your hidden talents and areas of improvement.

Target Audience:

The executive secretarial course is designed for those who are currently in any of the following positions to move their career further up or those who like to take up a new career for the following positions.

  • Executive Secretaries / Executive PAs/ Executive Assistants
  • Management: PAs, Secretaries, Assistants
  • Office Managers and Administrators
  • Senior Office Managers and Administrators
  • Department Co-ordinators
  • Receptionists

Learning from a well-reputed institute like Ferrand Training Center is precisely what every executive loves to. The Executive Secretary Training Course provided by Ferrand Training Center ensures that our students gain expertise in practical and theoretical knowledge, together with adequate administrative and secretarial skills, which will help them to be successful, increase their career opportunities. Our Secretarial training course focus on both skill-building and Employability factors.

Course Outline:

The Objective of the executive secretarial course is to provide comprehensive training and enhance the knowledge of those candidates. By completing the executive Secretary course, students will:

  • Understanding the role and responsibilities of executive secretary/assistant
  • Working ‘with’ versus working ‘for’ your leader
  • Self-empowerment: creating your mission statement
  • Increasing your share in decision making
  • Developing forward-thinking: being a proactive thinker
  • Management of own responsibilities
  • Awareness of office politics and environment
  • Recognizing how stress and feelings affect performance
  • Presenting your ideas with passion and credibility
  • Using discipline to maintain and ensure system continuity
  • Negotiating with suppliers (internal and external)
  • Protocol and business etiquette
  • Phone, e-mail and meeting etiquette
  • Dealing with different personalities and cultures
  • Creating a personal brand within the organization

Learning Outcome:

Professional certification in the executive certification course will show the potential employers that your committed and updated in the skills.

  • Learn the inside secrets of how to increase productivity and efficiency in the responsibilities of Executive secretary or Personal assistant

  • Advance your career and get a greater assurance of employability

  • Develop people skills in your role, confidence, and self-esteem.

  • Improve your time management, delegation, and management skills

  • Get recognized from the employers and peers

  • Potential pay or bonus increase chances.

Assessing the world of personal assisting can be confusing initially, as not many companies ask for specific qualifications, and not many are offered during your formal education. One of the best ways to build your CV in preparation for obtaining a job or advance your career is to take an Executive Secretary Training Course in Qatar. The quality of the syllabus and delivery of the Secretarial course is rigorously monitored to ensure our standards are of the highest level.

Target Competencies

  • Building and maintaining systems
  • Business Skills & Communication
  • Business writing skills
  • Conferences
  • Diary Management
  • Emotional control
  • Event planning & Management
  • Forward-thinking
  • Handle office stress
  • Idea Presentations
  • Image building
  • Mail processing
  • Memorandums & Minutes
  • Negotiation
  • Office Administration
  • Organizational structure
  • Plan for meetings
  • Record management
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Streamlining the office
  • Time management
  • Understanding the technologies in the office