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Ethical Hacking

Getting trained in ethical hacking allows individuals to evaluate the security of a system or network’s infrastructure.

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Ethical Hacking Course in Qatar

Ethical Hacking Course

Welcome to our in-depth Ethical Hacking course in Qatar. The ethical hacking course for beginners can be attended by anyone with no prior knowledge in hacking, and by the end of the complete track, you will be able to hack systems like black hat hackers and also protect your device from other hackers. Even though the training course is highly practical, it won’t neglect the device’s fundamental theories. The training starts with the basics of hacking, types of penetration testing, and installation of the required software on your machines. Then you will learn hacking straight away with examples. You will enjoy your learning by analyzing and exploiting systems such as servers, websites, networks.

ethical hacking course in qatar

Learn about penetration testing and the best ethical hacking course  in Qatar from Ferrand Training Center. Get your questions answered by an expert security specialist. The topics of the courses include fundamentals of Linux, installing Kali Linux, using Tor, VirtualBox, VPN, Proxy chains, Mac changer, DoS attack, cracking WIFI, Nmap, SSL Strip, other commonly known vulnerabilities, breaking Linux passwords, SQL injections and much more. This is the best ethical hacking course in Qatar that you can surely take without any second thought.

  • How to install a VirtualBox?
  • What to do to create a virtual environment?
  • Installing VirtualBox in a Windows 8.1 environment.
  • Basic Linux terminal.
  • Staying anonymous with tor.
  • Virtual Private Networks (VPN).
If you’re still unsure about taking the course, here are some questions that you can ask yourself to make the final decision.
  • Would you like to learn on how to penetrate networks, exploit systems, compromise routers or break into any system
  • Would you wish to utilize the most valuable skills and work for organizations that use these advanced skills to test their networks and help them in improving it?
  • How do you feel if you were able to utilize these skills to advance your current profession as a network administrator or network specialist?

The training course is delivered at different levels, and each one dealing with various topics. At the starting of each section, you will start with analyzing how the target system works, how weak the system is, how to exploit the system through the weakness, and also how to protect any system from any further attacks. By the end of the course, you will have a strong foundation in hacking and security.

What you will learn in the complete track of Ethical Hacking Course in Qatar ?

Network Hacking, here you will lean on how you can test the security of both wired and wireless networks. To begin with, you may learn some basics of networks, how they operate, how they communicate. Then you will be learning about the pre-connection attacks. That is the type of attack that can be performed without getting connected or knowing the password of the network. You will get to know about the networks around you, discover and control connections. Once you have gathered the information, you can gain access to the network, crack the key and password of your target network.

Once you can connect to target, then you will learn some techniques to connect all the possible information about the target devices and watch everything they perform over the network. You may be getting information like login credentials, their browsing history. You will also learn to create any fake WIFI hotspots and target connected devices for the attack.

By the end of the training, you will learn the preventive measure and how to detect and secure yourself from any of the above attacks. Each of the techniques in training is practical with hands-on training for the students. By the end of the course, you will have the ability to alter these techniques to plan stronger attacks.

Who this course is for:

  • The course is designed in such a way that anyone with any level of knowledge can immediately advance their skills in security.

  • The course can also be attended by those working professionals who are looking for a better job or increased pay by upgrading their skills.

  • Network administrator professionals can join this course to understand how to protect assets and secure resources.


  • Basic IT Skills
  • No need of any prior knowledge in Linux programming or hacking
  • A personal laptop is preferred during the training