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Document Control

Attaining a professional through document controller training courses in Qatar will help you to aquire or progess in your dream job.

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Document Controller

Document Controller Course

The world is full of information, and many businesses struggle to understand what data they have and why they want it and how long they need to keep it. At the same time, electronic data is also under the threat of any cyber-attack.  Managing this ever-increasing paper and electronic documents can be very difficult. Therefore, every company must have a record management program, which is capable of identifying, securing, and safeguarding all its information.

document controller

Document Controller is one who is responsible for controlling, filing, sorting, numbering, and retrieval of hard copy documentation created by each section of an organization. Ferrand training center is currently offering Document Controller Course in Qatar by expert faculties. This training can allow you to master the document controlling efficiently and execute essential things necessary for this particular job.

Ferrand’s Document controller course is a hands-on, comprehensive, and highly interactive course covering all aspects of the required tasks from creation to disposal of a document.  The course starts with basics as well as more advanced topics like life cycle as-built, procedures, reports, interfaces, and more.

What you will learn?
  • How to create a document control system in your organization that pleases your quality management necessities.
  • Pursue a document throughout its lifecycle, right from its conception to retirement.
  • Ascertain guidelines for reliable document manifestation, entry, and circulation.
  • Build standards to sustain the reliability of your document control system and make documentation obtainable for auditors.
  • Give delegates with concepts and instances of draft procedures.
  • Learn and decide the documentation necessities of ISO 9001.
  • Offer delegates with change control understanding.
  • The key concepts and overall architectural scope
  • Developing business cases and business requirements
  • Using the concepts of document and records management to deliver business drivers
  • Linking how document and records management can be implemented across your organization

This document control course conveys every attendee, the practical procedures for developing and identifying the processes of records management and document control. Every trainee will be leaving the course with essential skills and a plan of action for the development and implementation of a proper program for managing their company’s documents, records, and information.

The course is about attaining a benchmark in records management by setting up the methodology, using the best practices and processes in data storage and retrieval using an electronic record management system. Various instructional techniques will support the course to make it easy for the participants. Multiple case studies will be discussed to present the best practices.

Learning Outcome:
  • Faster creation and retrieval of documents within an organization
  • To reduce the duplication of work
  • Creating consistency across documents
  • Eliminating the fear of accidentally overwriting
  • How to effectively monitors the document creation process
  • Improves productivity at the workplace
  • Tips to improve the security of documents
  • Make it easy in case of leave/transfer/ Turnover of staff
  • Leads to fewer draft copies save stationary
  • Saves precious time and effectively money
Target Audience:
  • Individuals involved in any aspect of document control or records management
  • Anybody who needs an advanced Filing system for project work.
  • Information Security Professionals
  • In-house counsel / Privacy officers / Litigation and discovery staff / Compliance officers/ Administrative managers.

Course Outline

  • Introduction to Document and Records Management
  • Types of documents
  • Master, control, uncontrolled and superseded documents
  • Control of document – ISO 9001:2015
  • Correspondence Management Process
  • Controlled document list
  • Document consistency and referencing
  • Codes and standards
  • Client Documents
  • Privacy and protection
  • IOSA Audit Standards
  • Process and document ownership
  • What documentation means to auditors
  • Defining a corporate standard
  • Able to manage records management activities
  • Information management strategy
  • Business case
  • Operational Management and Control Systems
  • Periodic review
  • Project filling system
  • Maintain Confidentiality and Security
  • Generating Reports
  • Difference between latest and superseded documents
  • Change management
  • Classification of records