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Caregiver Course

Become a skilled carer and provide effective care to all your clients and their family members.

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15 Hours / Level

QAR 380 / Level

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Caregiver Course in Doha Qatar

Caregiver Course

Taking a caregiver course in Doha Qatar will not cause pain in your pocket or take much of your time as Ferrand Training center in Doha allows any aspiring professional caregivers to complete their caregiver course during weekends at an affordable cost. Throughout the Caregiver training, you will not only be undergoing theoretical session, but also hands own training that improves your expertise on what you learned.

caregiver course in doha qatar

Caregiver training is a piece of training acquired by any aspiring individual to take care of someone at their residence. The caregiver is usually compensated by the people to look after someone who is sick. As for them, their loved ones are very important; they always prefer someone well trained than someone untrained. They don’t want to risk the life of their loved ones. So, a trained professional caregiver will have more preference than others.

The course is designed as a series of hands-on assignments to equip caregivers with the right knowledge and skills.
Caregiver job responsibilities:
  • The responsibility may vary according to the type of person or family they take care of.
  • Care and support to infants, toddlers, or children.
  • Foster the social, intellectual, creative and emotional development
  • Foster the physical development of children.
  • Care and support to the elderly with procedures or with special needs.
  • Maintain a healthy and safe environment.
  • Respond to emergencies.
  • Clean rooms and toilets.
  • Wash and iron clothes, linen, and fabric.
  • Hot and cold meals.
  • Therapeutic Massage.
  • Skin test and vital signs taking.
How the Caregiver Course is Structured?

The caregiver course in Doha Qatar starts with the introduction of roles and responsibilities. You will be made aware of the possible ethical and legal issues involved in the profession. We will also help you to develop your skills to become more effective in caregiving. The job, caregiving will also require assisting others to have their meals, personal care, and transportation. Specialized training will be provided on how to communicate with those with disabilities. Our caregiver course in Doha Qatar will also discuss the importance of observing, documenting, and reporting. You will also be made aware of the ailments and illnesses you may encounter in the profession, their primary treatment, and preventive measures.

The caring for an infant or toddler is entirely different than that of caring for older children. The youngers need more attention. On completion of the course, the trainees will understand the needs of infants and toddlers and what kind of care to be given on each development stage of the child.

Why get your Carrgiving Course in Doha Qatar from Ferrand?
  • Get equipped with essential knowledge and skills to be a successful caregiver

  • One to one guidance from the instructor.

  • Experienced instructors

The caregiver course in Doha Qatar will also teach you about dementia and traumatic injuries, and much more. Dementia means some form of brain disorders that cause difficulty with thinking and memory. The training will discuss these situations and also will cover Alzheimer’s and how to care for patients of such problems. You will also be taught on how aging affects a person, the emotional impact. You will also be trained on how to deal with an emergency calmly.

Learning outcomes:

  • You will understand the roles and responsibilities of a caregiver.
  • Awareness about the legal issues of the profession when working with clients.
  • Identify, treat and prevent some medical conditions
  • Actions to be taken in case of any medical emergencies
  • Caring or person with early, moderate and server Alzheimer’s disease
  • How the organs within the body deteriorate during aging

Who should attend?

  • Anyone with empathy, patience, and interest in the caregiver profession or for family care.
  • Those who would like to migrate to other countries as caregivers.
  • Day-care staffs, school nannies, or pre-primary teachers

What you will learn by the end of the complete track

  • The Roles & Responsibilities of Carers • Legal & Ethical Issues in Caregiving
  • Communications & the Caregiving Process
  • Communicating with Individuals with Disabilities
  • Stress Management & Organizational Skills
  • Observing, Reporting & Documenting
  • Cultural Differences & Caregiving
  • Fighting Infections
  • Common Conditions: TB, Lice & Scabies
  • Nutrition & Hydration
  • Food Safety
  • Planning for Emergencies
  • Medical Emergencies
  • Falls & Fire Safety
  • What is Dementia?
  • Defining Alzheimer’s Disease
  • The Philosophy of Dementia Care
  • Working With Patients’ Families
  • Communicating with Clients with DementiaBehavior Traits of Clients with Dementia
  • Planning Activities for Clients with Dementia
  • How Ageing Affects the Body
  • Heart, Lungs, Brain & Nervous System
  • Skin & Bones
  • Stomach, Intestines, Kidneys & Bladder
  • Immune System, Diabetes & Senses
  • Traumatic Injuries & Preparing for Death
  • Spinal Cord Injuries & Paralysis
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries & Strokes
  • Emotional Impact of Disease & Traumatic Injuries • Preparing for Death