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AutoCAD Course

Learn AutoCAD course in Qatar from scratch to a professional level by creating projects as you learn.

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15 Hours / Level

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AutoCAD Course in Qatar


Are you a professional engineer, architecture, or interior designer? Do you love to design some engineering for your clients? If yes, Ferrand is going to serve you with the best AutoCAD course in Qatar. AutoCAD has emerged as one of the most excellent platforms for all those who are looking forward to improving their engineering drawing skills. The best thing about this tool is that users can perfectly create two dimensional as well as three-dimensional computer drawings very conveniently.

autocad course in qatar

Our AutoCAD training in Doha can be attended by anyone who doesn’t have any prior experience or those who would like to brush up their knowledge. The course is designed to get you hands-on experiences with AutoCAD with the techniques that you need to know. You need not join for a 1-year course or learn from a 1000-page book. Our course will teach you the right commands that you need to use in your workplace.

Because many people are teaching outdated techniques in AutoCAD, AutoCAD is known to be complicated. This is because most of the teaching begins with explaining each and every button and commands, which are unnecessary and tedious. Because of these, the students used to get bored and never produce and substantial result by the end of the course.

For many years we have been refining our teaching method in a way that we only teach those techniques that are required.

We will skip all those outdated methods that are no more needed. That make us the best AutoCAD training center in Qatar. Instead of explaining each command separately, the course will make the students work on a realistic project. Different commands are applied in between, which will make the project grow. In this way, students clearly understand various commands rather than just copying small examples. The course will start with a description of a project and followed by creating a building layout. Further moving, you will begin to add new commands as per the requirement. By the end of the course, you will have designed a fully complete 2D drawing in a standard that will be accepted by any workplace.

In the next course, you will introduce 3D modeling of the same project you did before moving to photorealistic visualization. Our instructors have years of experience in using and delivering AutoCAD Training, helping others to help you acquire essential requisites to achieve high-end skills. The primary focus of the training is to teach students how AutoCAD can be used as a tool to perform the most common engineering tasks in designing and modeling processes more efficiently and accurately.

  • Basic understanding of the Windows operating system
  • No CAD Experience Required.
Who this course is for:
  • Recent graduates who would like to take a career where AutoCAD Skill is mandatory.
  • Working professionals who would like to upgrade his skills.
  • Those who are moving to AutoCAD from other drafting software.
  • People who are working on AutoCAD, but would like to brush up their skills.

What will you learn by the end AutoCAD Course in Qatar:

  • Create your own AutoCAD Drawings, Plans, and Layouts

  • Make professional-quality engineering drawings

  • Design floor plans, circuit designs, and mechanical drafting

  • Get updated with new features of the latest versions

  • Working knowledge of AutoCAD Commands

Syllabus & Curriculam

  • Getting familiar with AutoCAD
  • Creating Drawings
  • Modifying Drawing
  • Status bar toggles
  • Drawing Tools
  • Drawing properties
  • Hatch and gradient
  • Managing drawing with layers
  • Dimensioning and annotation
  • Working with Text and Table
  • Working with Blocks and Groups
  • Using Attributes
  • Working with external references
  • Parametric feature
  • Dynamic Blocks
  • Layout, Printing, and Publishing
  • Sheet Set
  • Customization and Collaboration
  • Advanced Tools and Commands
  • Practice drawings and projects
  • Final Notes